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Former Homer Mensch students Tomoya Aomori, Kirsten Paige, and Kristoffer Saebo are in the process of organizing a memorial concert honoring Homer Mensch’s 100th Birthday in 2014.

The concert will take place at:

David Gage String Instrument Shop
36 Walker Street
New York, NY

We do not yet have a date or a schedule of performers, but we are hoping that many of today’s greatest double bassists will come together in New York to honor Mr. Mensch’s 100th birthday in 2014.

Please watch this website for further information regarding this event in the coming months!


Posted 06/27/2010 by hrmconcert

4 responses to “About the Concert

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  1. Great idea! I’ll bring the Gradus! : )

  2. I’d love to be a part of this somehow. Helping out or playing. Please let me know what I can do.

  3. we could start off doing the one from book two that is like sixteenth note=40!

    Matt Rosenthal
  4. Wouldn’t miss it! *long tones club*

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